Safari Lionel

Safari Lionel - Headband for Yoga

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Novarena Original Multi Style Headband for Women Yoga.

  • Wear Wide Turban Knotted + More
  • Features: When laid flat the headband measures 9.5 x 6 inches (24cm x 15cm).
  • Made out of Lycra: a light stretchy fabric that stretches well when pulled so it doesn't feel too tight or too loose on your head.
  • Effortless adaptability that goes with everything — even lazy hair days.
  • Get instant confidence every day of the week.
  • YOUR HEAD’S WORTH MORE THAN HEADBANDS THAT HURT… or snag, or slip, or even break. Keeping your hair out of your face shouldn’t mean dealing with a headache.
  • SWEAT AND FLYAWAYS BE GONE. Wicks away sweat while taming the hair monster we all know exists. Perfect for yoga, exercise, marathons, boho days, tending to your tulips, or a cheeky weekend getaway.
  • LOOKS AND FEELS GREAT IN EVERY SEASON. Breathable silky soft lycra fabric is cool enough for breezy days in the sunshine and retains just enough heat to keep your ears toasty warm in the winter. Hike those snowy mountain tops or laze in the sun feeling great no matter what your hair is up to.
  • COMFY AND CUTE ENOUGH TO WEAR ALL DAY. From morning yoga to running errands, from a coffee date to tucking in the kids at night. We hear they’re just the thing for music festivals and road trips, too. Washable, long lasting and forever in style, this is a headband you buy once and wear always.

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